Logic 逻辑乐队


音乐家:Glenn Cannon、Tim Wilson

自1999年逻辑乐队组建开始,他们就尝试Jazz、Fusion、World等音乐风格。逻辑乐队来自于澳大利亚墨尔本,致力于展现他们自己独特的音乐,而且也一直保留着爵士乐自然和交流的传统。Glenn Cannon和Tim Wilson从包括爵士、拉丁、古典和流行音乐中获得创作音乐的灵感。逻辑乐队首张大碟发行于2002年,在国际上受到广泛关注。乐队还曾在澳大利亚和东南亚主要音乐节上表演,例如印度尼西亚的Java爵士音乐节、新加坡的Mosaic音乐节、菲律宾国际爵士演出节、墨尔本国际节爵士乐周等。

Logic has been making waves on the jazz/fusion/world music scene since its inception in 1999.Based in Melbourne, Australia, the ensemble aims to present its own unique, contemporary sound, whilst preserving the spontaneous and interactive approach of the jazz tradition. The compositions of Glenn Cannon and Tim Wilson stem from diverse musical influences, including jazz, drum ‘n’ bass, Latin, classical, folk and pop music. Logic’s self titled debut album was released in 2002 and received glowing reviews and international airplay.

The ensemble has supported international acts such as The Yellowjackets, and has performed throughout Australia and South East Asia at major jazz festivals including the Java Jazz Festival (Indonesia), Mosaic Music Festival (Singapore), Philippine International Jazz & Arts Festival, Melbourne International Festival of Jazz, Electric Jazz Festival and the Ultimate Drummers’ Weekend.