[JZ Club Special Night] Soulful Valentine’s Day/Jz Club

JZ CLUB•Soulful Valentine’s Day
Boyana Walsh’s Band with guest Meachie Day

Time: Feb.14th, 10:30pm
Early set:Kuzu 9:00pm
Tickets: RMB50, All ladies free
Tickets Hotline: 021- 64311075
Reservation: 021-64310269

Wilson Chen- Sax
Jose Herrera- Keyboards
Etienne Deane- Guitar
Damien Banzigou- Bass
Nicholas Mcbride- Drums
Meachie Day- Vocals
Boyana Walsh- Vocals

All yours,
JZ Club will have a Motown-taste Valentine’s Day , with soulful love songs!

The lady Boyana will bring her original work to the JZ crowd for the first time, with a selection of great musicians that she has put together to make this Valentine’s Day a true Love celebration. The special guest Meachie Day (from USA) will also be performing a few of his original tunes.

So… roses, wine, singers, band and dancers are all gonna make a exclusive temperature for loves on the very night. Come together, get wild, crazy and drunk with love. If you’re too careful, love will never find you!