Tickets selling of Masters Hall Concert Series begins!/Jazz Festival, Jazz News

Now tickets on sale! Masters Hall Concert Series of 2011 Jz Festival !

Poster Contest 2011 JZ Music Festival Shanghai/Jazz Festival

Calling Aspiring Artists, Graphic Designers, Painters and Visually gifted. Enter the JZ Music Festival Poster Contest and Win Tickets to JZ Music Festival Shanghai!!

Can you play SAX? “Love My Music” Event Series Start!/Jazz Festival

Do you play the saxophone? Do you want a chance to show your talent and shine on stage at the 2011 JZ Music Festival Shanghai and other venues around town? Would you like to be recorded playing sax in a commercial video and be involved in a concert featuring a saxophone master?

Creative Writing Competition 2011 JZ Music Festival Shanghai Event/Jazz Festival

Type your words and follow your heart, tell us your story from your deep subconscious or from worldy observations, whatever. Writings can be based on music, or on any topic you can write about, any style you can conjure.

Coming Soon, Oct.15-23, 2011 JZ Music Festival Shanghai/Jazz Festival

From 15th October to 23rd October, 2011 JZ Music Festival Shanghai which you are expecting for so long will be held in Shanghai Center Theatre (Master Hall) and Shanghai Century Park (Green Note). October 15-16, Green Note, Shanghai Century Park October 17-23, Master Hall, Shanghai Center Theatre

McCoy Tyner confirmed for Jz Shanghai Music Festival, Friday 21 October 2011/Jazz Festival

5 Grammy Awards winner, Jazz bebop style initiator McCoy Tyner will show his figures at 2011 JZ Festival Shanghai, Master Hall.