[JZ Club Special Night] Magnus Lindgren “SOULS”/Jz Club

•Location: JZ Club, 46# West Fuxing Road •Date: Feb.18th & 19th, 2014 (2 nights) •Time: 9:45pm •Ticket Price: RMB 50 (at the door) •Tickets Hotline: 021- 64311075 •You can buy tickets in these ways: Offical Taobao:http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=37066226047 Gregory Porter, Ivan Lins, Marie Fredriksson (Roxette), Mark Reilly (Matt Bianco), Rigmor Gustafsson, Ira Coleman (Sting) and more contributed [...]

[JZ Club Special Night] Rafal Sarnecki Jazz Quintet/Jz Club

TIME: 9/15   21:45 ADD: JZ Club, 46 West Fuxing Road TICKET: Free WEIBO: @JZ_Club @爵士上海 Rafal Sarnecki – guitar Nathaniel Gao 高太行 – alto sax 白天-piano Danny Zanker – bass Chris Trzcinski – drums Rafal Sarnecki is a famous sax and guitar musician and composer in New York. He is a Polish by origin. When [...]

[JAZZ ROUND TOWN] Vincent Herring NewYork Quintet/Jz Club

Vincent Herring, American Grammy winner, has combined his unique voice with his powerful sax performance. In this age, he is a leading sax player.

[JZ Club Special Night] Studio 188 is Souled Out!/Jz Club

2013 is promising to be a benchmark year for Studio 188.

[JZ Club Special Night] Soulful Valentine’s Day/Jz Club

JZ CLUB•Soulful Valentine’s Day Boyana Walsh’s Band with guest Meachie Day Time: Feb.14th, 10:30pm Early set:Kuzu 9:00pm Tickets: RMB50, All ladies free Tickets Hotline: 021- 64311075 Reservation: 021-64310269 Band: Wilson Chen- Sax Jose Herrera- Keyboards Etienne Deane- Guitar Damien Banzigou- Bass Nicholas Mcbride- Drums Meachie Day- Vocals Boyana Walsh- Vocals All yours, JZ Club will [...]

[JZ Club Special Night] Eddie Gomez Quartet/Jz Club

If memory serves, Eddie Gomez was the only bassist with whom the late, great Bill Evans ever recorded duets. This night, legendary Eddie will lead his quartet to Shanghai. They are all modern masters, presenting the legacy of jazz music of Bill Evans, Stefan Karlsson, Eddie Gomez, the great American song book and contemporary jazz music.

[JZ Club Special Night] 12/23 Luo Ning Trio:Let’s get lost in Havana/Jz Club

He is a very good piano player and he plays jazz with the roots of his country, he is very original and gifted and has a really good technic.

[JZ Club Special Night] Red Groove Christmas!!/Jz Club

we wish you a“Red Groove Christmas”!!