Chekov- Chillin Jazz From Outa Space

·Location: JZ Club, 46# West Fuxing Road
·Date: September 12&26 2014
·Time: 23:00PM
·Ticket Price: 50RMB
Reservation hotline: 021-64310269

Band on 12nd
Atze Ton – Bass/Laptop
Toby Mak – Trumpet
Mark Fitzgibbon – Keyboards
Amine El Filali – Vocals
吕菁 – erhu
Charles Foldesh – Drums

Band on 26th
Atze Ton: bass/laptop
Andreas Günther: sax/keys
Amine El Filali: vocals
吕菁: erhu
Charles Foldesh – Drums

Chekov combines electronic music with jazz improvisation: spheric sound collages of samples, loops, and beats form the basis for the improvisation of the live band. chekov takes you on a sonic space trip to the groovin’ sound-galaxies you have never experienced.