Improvising Ensemble of Qian xing zhe·China Tour 2011/Concerts

Location:Shanghai Oriental Art Center
Address: No.425 Ding xiang RD. Pudong District
Date: 2011-9-11
Hotline: 68541234、962388、4006103721、12580、

Honored guest:
Ren yuqing——bass,jazz bass
Chris-trzcinski——jazz drum

Shanghai·China Tour 2011

Improvising music are the cooperation activities by listening to each other, to find themselves, no matter how the artistic association, to creat new music word, to infect  the spirits of others.

October 20th, 2008, German Chinese musician Xu Fengxia founded the orchestra Improvising Ensemble of Qian xing zhe in Shanghai. Succeed the thinking Globalvillage of Peter Kowald, who has dead but be a master of improvised music and one of the founders of improvising music in Europe 70’s.
Qian Xing Zhe always carry out their own work shop,to develop youths’ interest in improvising music.

Qian Xing Zhe is a transnational group together with musicians of three generations.developing and inproving their music,changing the confusing concept about New folk music in China at present.Widening their own music by the cooperation with the world music,constantly spreading  the spirit “GlobalVillage”