[JZ Club Special Night] Magnus Lindgren “SOULS”/Jz Club

•Location: JZ Club, 46# West Fuxing Road
•Date: Feb.18th & 19th, 2014 (2 nights)
•Time: 9:45pm
•Ticket Price: RMB 50 (at the door)
•Tickets Hotline: 021- 64311075
•You can buy tickets in these ways:
Offical Taobao:http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=37066226047
Gregory Porter, Ivan Lins, Marie Fredriksson (Roxette), Mark Reilly (Matt Bianco), Rigmor Gustafsson, Ira Coleman (Sting) and more contributed to this album.
Magnus Lindgren, named by Quincy Jones as one of the most versatile and talented woodplayers of this time.

Magnus Lindgren – sax, flute, clarinet
Rickard Malmsten – bass
Rigmor Gustafsson- vocals
Andy Pfeiler- guitar

Award winning saxophonist, clarinet, and flute player, Magnus Lindgren has brought together some of the world’s top vocalists and musicians for his new album “Souls”. Recorded at New York’s legendary Clubhouse Studios, and with singers from Brazil, the US, the UK, and Sweden, the music takes us through a carefully crafted journey full of image, rhythm, and light.

This album represents a departure for the dynamic Swedish musician, integrating vocal melodies into what has been largely an instrumental repertoire. The title track “Souls”, with a haunting saxophone and a haunting vocal performance by Blue Note recording artist Gregory Porter sets the stage. “Dreaming in New York”, and the instrumentals “Creepin” and “Barcelona” swim along on Lindgren’s rolling saxophone riffs and the acoustic guitars of Leonardo Amuedo. “A Rainy Day” is a 70’s retro tune driven by the cool, laid-back performances of Matt Bianco’s Mark Reilly and brilliant newcomer, Sweden’s Anna Christoffersson, also featured on the upbeat “Change All the Time”. Magnus’ sax and flute walk us along with Roxette’s Marie Fredriksson through the bleak and beautiful “On a Sunday”. Brazilian legend Ivan Lins sings on “She Walks This Earth”, a tune of staccato guitars, playful rhythms from Morocco’s Rhani Krija, and Magnus Lindgren on flute. The concluding track, “Wrapped Around Your Finger” provides a throbbing, primal ‘tip of the hat’ to the long collaboration between Sting and this album’s producer and base player, Ira Coleman.
The music presented is as varied and vibrant as the genres and environments that have inspired and shaped the music of Magnus Lindgren to date – a man that Quincy Jones has called “the future of jazz”.