Abraham Carmona

Abraham Carmona was born in 1981 in Sevilla, Spain into a “gitano” (gypsy) family with a strong history of traditional Flamenco music.

His unique musical style fuses the complex and passionate rhythms of Flamenco with bosa nova, jazz and rock, bringing together old and new to create a dynamic and unique sound.

Based in Shanghai, China, Abraham’s live performances are electrifying and spontaneous, experimenting with the musical influences of Asian music and world beats.

His experience and personal history in the south of Spain was immersed in the culture and music of gypsy life.  The Carmona family has many generations of Flamenco influence.  Grandfather  Manolo Carmona, a traditional flamenco guitarist, played with renowned musicians such as Manuel Torres, Nino Ricardo and Juanito Valdelrrama, among others.  Abraham learned from his grandfather the pure and truest form of traditional Flamenco, music and culture.  Manolo Carmona was one of the first original flamenco guitarists to emerge in Los Palacios, a village close to Sevilla.

Manuel Carmona, father of Abraham, continued the tradition as a flamenco guitarist and was influenced by the exposure to recorded music available to his generation.  He was a traditional flamenco guitarist but also studied classical guitar and played with pianist Pepe Romero, mixing in a new way, the sounds of flamenco/classical guitar and piano.  Manuel Carmona had numerous solo guitar performances as well as accompanying renowned singers Manolo Mairena and Juan Distinguido.

With the influence and example of his grandfather and father, Abraham Carmona studied the technique of traditional flamenco guitar.  As a self-taught musician and composer, Abraham’s music expresses the passion and ancient soul of flamenco with a fresh influence from his exposure to the global sound mix.

Abraham Carmona has performed in Spain with his cousin, singer Jose Angel Carmona, as well as Diego Vargas, Gaspar de Utrera and Agujetas.

His compositions for recordings by singers Pedro Lucas, Manuel Carrasco and Jose Angel Carmona were very well received by the public.

Abraham has also created soundtrack compositions for TV spots, short films and videos in Spain and Asia.

Abraham’s composition and production “Pasion Segun Flamenco” was performed for the first time in Sevilla to public and critical acclaim. The orchestra included piano, bass, two chellos, percussion, flute, mandolin combined with dance and vocals.  With Abraham Carmona on guitar, his production featured singer, Rosario la Tremendita in a powerful and passionate performance.

Abraham Carmona has been based in Shanghai since the summer of 2006, the life, culture and influence of Asia brings a new infusion to his music as he continues to compose, exploring, with his band, unique new sounds.


2001  “Reunidos” (soundtrack composition, short film) Madrid, Spain

2002   Release of the tango composition “Yalikateo” by Abraham Carmona,  recorded by Pedro Lucas.

2003   Release of the tango composition “Ya no the tengo” recorded by Jose Angel Carmona Spain Release of the alegria composition “Luz de mis tormentos” recorded by Jose Angel Carmona  Spain Conga Room Performance Los Angeles, USA

2004   Pasion Segun Flamenco  Sevilla, Spain Flamenco/Rock Recording with Salvador Romero Sevilla, Spain Release of the rumba composition “Amor” recorded by Manuel Carrasco Spain

2005   Performance with guitarist Rafael Riqueni  Madrid, Spain

2006   Ponte 16, Macau (soundtrack composition) Shanghai, China

2007   Dragon Gate, Shanghai (soundtrack composition) Shanghai, China Release of Recording “ABRAHAM CARMONA – Live in Shanghai” Recording of compositions “Matame”, “que vey un quandro”, “Mami”