Jessica Maurer

After 10 years of professional experience Jessica Maurer has proved herself to be a highly accomplished vocalist and composer.

Originating from Paris, France and currently living in Shanghai, China she is known for her wide ranging voice, rhythmic playfulness and originality of phrasing.

She has worked with many highly respected artists including: JZ Music Festival vocal sensation DeeDee Bridgewater (pictured below), gospel composer/ vocalist and pianist Liz Mc Comb and trumpeter/ composer Erik Truffaz (pictured below).

Having sung with such a huge array of musicians she adopts a broad spectrum of colours that fits perfectly with all sorts of music.

‘Exploring music from different cultures is essential to my interpretation of well known songs, my own original  compositions and how I sing. There’s no better way to get inside another culture than through its music.’


Thematic Show Expo 2010 (Shanghai)
Portman Ritz-Carlton (Shanghai) 2010
Brick Restaurant (Shanghai) 2009/2010
JZ Club (Shanghai & Hangzhou) 2008/2009/2010
CJW (Shanghai) 2007/2008/2009/2010
Grand Gateway (Shanghai) 2009
Homa (Yangshuo for Mercedes Benz) 2009
Shanghai Oriental Center 2009
Aqua Bar (Shanghai) 2009
Lounge 18 (Shanghai for Jameson) 2009
Element Fresh (Shanghai) 2008/2009
Shangri-La (Shanghai for AmEx) 2008/2009
Hangzhou Jazz Festival 2008
House of Blues & Jazz (Shanghai) 2008
M1nt (Shanghai for Ferrari) 2008
MGM GRAND (Macau) 2007-2008
Porsche center (Hangzhou & Shanghai) 2007/2008
Le Royal Meridien (Shanghai)2007
The Westin (Shanghai) 2006
Luna (Shanghai) 2005/2006