Possicobilities formed in 2005. In their repertoire they play old Shanghai songs rearranged into modern styles, plus original compositions by lead singer Coco Zhao and other band members. They uniquely combine 1920s and 1930s Shanghai jazz with modern jazz. Their quest is to seek out all the possibilities for blending traditional oriental music culture and modern western jazz elements. Thus the band dissolves the streams of various music styles and moulds them into new constructions of sound. Their music is smoothly blended, naturally formed but wildly performed. With rich dimensions, they’re like a fresh wind carrying a contemporary Chinese fragrance.

Possicobilities released their first album “Dream Situation” in summer 2006 through China, Canada, and the US. They were invited to perform for the Montreal Jazz Festival in summer of the same year. It was the first time Chinese jazz musicians played at Montreal. Recently they performed at the Shanghai Jazz Week, the Nine-Gates Jazz Festival in Beijing, the Yokohama Jazz Promenade in Japan, and the Penang Jazz Festival in Malaysia. Back in Shanghai, they’re now working on new material for their second album.

The band members are:
Coco Zhao(vocals, composition, lyrics)
Peng Fei(violin, composition, arrangement)
Huang Jianyi(piano, composition)
E.J Parker (bass)
Christopher Trzcinski(drums and percussion)