Poster Contest 2011 JZ Music Festival Shanghai/Jazz Festival

Did you ever take a take a poster after a concert to put on your wall?
Do you remember ripping posters off the wall of your favorite party or event so you could remember it forever???

Calling Aspiring Artists, Graphic Designers, Painters and Visually gifted.  Enter the JZ Music Festival Poster Contest and Win Tickets to JZ Music Festival Shanghai!!

Get those creative juices flowing and put your own aesthetic to work on an original JZ Music Festival Shanghai Poster.  Be original and you will shine, with a chance to show off your art to thousands in the official JZ Music Festival Shanghai Program.  Winners will receive a pair of 2-day tickets to the JZ Music Festival.  Posters should include the JZ Music Festival Name, official venue (Pudong Expo Park) and Date of the Festival.  Develop and show your talent as a graphic designer while promoting music and environmental protection awareness!

Applicants can save their poster in Illustrator, Photoshop (not smaller than A3, or 350dpi please), PDF or JPG