[JZ Club Special Night] Rafal Sarnecki Jazz Quintet/Jz Club

TIME: 9/15   21:45
ADD: JZ Club, 46 West Fuxing Road
WEIBO: @JZ_Club @爵士上海

Rafal Sarnecki – guitar
Nathaniel Gao 高太行 – alto sax
Danny Zanker – bass
Chris Trzcinski – drums

Rafal Sarnecki is a famous sax and guitar musician and composer in New York. He is a Polish by origin. When he moved to New York his creative music had been famous in Eastern Europe.

In these 8 years, he has performed several times with Gary Thomas, Ben Wendel, John Escreet, Colin Stranahan. Now he has two albums, one of them is Fresh Sound New Talent, which was published in 2011. It’s one of the particular concern albums in a selection initiated by All About Jazz.

This time, Rafal Sarnecki Jazz Quintet will have it first show in China. Let us wait for the amazing performance in JZ Club!