[JZ club Special Night]The Days of Wine & Roses,With you, everyday is Valentine’s day!/Jazz News

2011 Special Night at Jz Club


Location:Jz Club
Tickets: RMB 30
Name of the Concert:
Reservation: 64310269

Valentines Day is a day to express your love, and to celebrate the spirit of love! It’s a bridge between heart and heart.

Feb 13rd and 14th, Let us meet in JZ club, romantic candle lit for you, gorgeous roses bloom for your, intoxicating wine distribute its fragrance for you, as well as the beautiful jazz melody will play for play.

Are you ready? Just say that with you, everyday is Valentine’s day!

Feb 13rd
Singers: CoCo Zhao、Timmy Yang、Jasmine Chen、Tian Guo An
Band: Huang Jianyi’s Band

Feb 14th
EJ’s band