When HipHop meets Jazz (fusion of two genre giants)/Concerts

Place: Shanghai Oriental Art Center, 425 Ding Xiang Road, Pudong
Hotline: 68541234、962388、4006103721、12580
Date and Time:  Jun 6, 2011 15:00,

Known from the monthly performance at JZ,
A Jazz and Hiphop band from Shanghai performing at The Shanghai Oriental Art Centre
celebrating their released Debut EP, and new material performed for the first time!

A mix of cultures with a mix of languages speaking the same universal language, The Word of music.

Come see this explosion of music including drums, bass, guitar, organ, trumpet, rappers, vocalist and who knows, maybe some surprise special guests!
Energetic, vivrant, dynamic, funky, The Word is being spread!
Don’t miss this!

Gauthier Roubichou(FR): Raps and Vocals
One of “The WORD” co-front men, Gauthier brings to the band his inexhaustible energy and charisma along with great vocals and guitar skills.
Gauthier has been  in the music, TV and cinema industries for the past ten years and over four continents. He performed rap, reggae, rock and beat box in China, the Carribean and New Zealand before becoming a finalist in the 2004 French Idol. His interests went beyond performing as he tried himself in roles of a road manager for various French bands  TV producer in Hungary, a TV host with more than 200 TV shows on CCTV, NMTV, ICS, Dragon TV, Zhejiang TV, and a radio host for Soulfire Shanghai.
He recently appeared in two Chinese movies with acting roles in Mandarin Chinese, as Paul in “Laowai” (full length French-Chinese movie currently doing the movie festivals world circuit) and Jimmy in ´”Yuesao”  (directed by Jiang Haiyang, released fall 2010).
Gauthier is both talented and inventive with lyrics in French, English, German, Spanish and Chinese, and His musical presence is sure to keep anyone on the edge of their seat as he can easily switch from cool and relaxed mood to up-beat swing during performances.
Gauthier also leads SWING DYNASTY (gypsy jazz) and LIONS OF PUXI (reggae soul) and has won awards with both bands, along the festivals circuit, jazz clubs and numerous energy filled performances.

Dana Shellmire(US): Vocals
Infectious. Soulful. Bright. Think of when Stevie Wonder was considered “pop” music and Django Reinhardt’s “Hot Club de France” gypsy vibe ruled the world. Like a blindfold over the eyes of regularity, Dana Shellmire’s composing and performance style is where joyful melodies meet deep grooves, urban global culture, and conversational lyrics. Where the head is jazz, the personality is African roots, and the heart-classic soul. Whether solo or as a member of various groups like After School Kids (urban americana), the Soulcasters(blues), Dana & Vlad (freestyle roots/outsider music), Lions of Puxi(reggae soul), La Conspiration(french rap) and most recently “The Word,” audiences and peers around the world can attest to how endearing and natural her sprightly mezzo-soprano voice, live magnetism, and unique brand of humor come off on stage – leaving listeners energized long after the amps and lights are killed.

Mike Brownell(US): Bass
Michael grew up in Cambridge, Mass., where he began studying classical piano with Reese Scott at the age of 9. At Milton Academy he was bitten by the jazz bug and began studying electric and acoustic bass with Jesse Williams and Bob Sinicrope. After graduating, he devoted himself to the double bass, and attended Oberlin Conservatory, where he studied classical and jazz bass with Peter Dominguez and Tom Sperl. He also studied Jazz composition, theory, and history with Oberlin’s famous jazz faculty, including Marcus Belgrave, Billy Hart, Dan Wall, and others. He performed regularly in both small and large jazz groups, as well as in the Oberlin Orchestra. Throughout his educational career he performed professionally in and around Cleveland and Boston. After obtaining his Bachelor of Music he moved to Shanghai, where he has performed or recorded with almost all the musicians in town and in a variety of venues, as well as in other cities around China.

Chris Trzcinski(US): Drums
Chris Trzcinski is a drummer/composer of many musical genres. His ability to adapt and bring forth an adventurous voice is the reason he remains a top call drummer on today’s music scene.
Chris began studying drums at the age of ten, and started his professional career at fourteen playing with local jazz musicians and various big bands. He then moved on to study music at the Dana School of Music where he developed his strong sensibility for music and art. After college Chris started performing and touring with numerous acts. In this time, he has shared the stage with the likes of:  Ira Sullivan, Kenny Burrell, Buddy Morrow, Dick Johnson, and Frankie Avalon; and groups such as: The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, Cleveland Philharmonic Orchestra, and The Living Sound Ensemble.

Steinar Nickelsen(NO): Keys
Was elected « » in 2002 with the trio «SOLID!» and got many gigs in Norway and Europe after this. «SOLID!» also won the Getxo competition in Spain in 2003. Recorded with Pål Thowsen, Jon Eberson and Sidsel Endresen in 2002. Toured with Trondheim Jazzorchestra and Pat Metheny in 2003. Moved to Copenhagen in 2004 and has played wih danish musicians Kresten Osgood, Jacob Fisher, Marc Bernstein.

Toby Mak Canada: Trumpet

Amine el Filali (NL) : Raps

Jay Lasry(FR): Guitar