JZ Expo Suite


Location:Jz Club


Tickets: free

Name: “JZ Expo Suite”

Info: 64311075

Burnett Thompson: Piano

E.J. Parker: Bass

Chris Trzcinski: Drums

Special guests:

Peng Fei: Violin

Alec Haavik: Saxophone

Burnett Thompson just can’t stay away from JZ, the Mother Ship of Jazz in Shanghai! On April 11, Burnett is back with the world premiere of “JZ Expo Suite”, a new collection of tunes composed out of the inspiration of 2010 Shanghai Expo.
This time Burnett is joined again by the powerhouse duo of bassist E.J. Parker and drummer Chris Trzcinski. Guest artists include the brilliant violinist/composer Peng Fei and multi-reed virtuoso Alec Haavik.